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The efficient and safe French data center with excellent connectivity with the European network


The Data Center FR1 - is located just 15 minutes from the center of Paris. It’s part of the network of our partner data centers and is owned by Equinix. It extends over an area of 6.500 sq. m and offers excellent connectivity with the French network and also the European network. This facility guarantees both reliability and high levels of risk prevention. Built in 2010, it features state-of-the-art technologies in terms of connectivity and security.

A few technical details:
  • Size: 6500 sq. m
  • Type of building: reinforced concrete
  • High density: yes
  • Maximum floor load capacity (Kg/sq. m): 50
  • Maximum height of raised floor (mm): 1000
  • Cooling: N+1 and N+2 main systems
  • SLA: 99.999% uptime at PDU level
  • Independent generators
  • Redundant power generator and air conditioning systems
  • Continuous monitoring: the data center offers local technical supervision 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is also monitored by the Aruba NOC team
Multiple active connections with the following providers:
The data center has a total of 5 GB/s of Internet connectivity, obtained through fibre-optic connection to major national (French) and international carriers and to the main access points (NAP).
  • Level3
  • NTT
  • NeoTelecom
  • GlobalCrossing
  • Cogent
The data center is equipped with automatic fire detection and extinguishing systems, harmless to people and to the IT systems as well as a flooding detection system. The data center has been fitted with reinforced doors and windows, alarm system and biometric access control system. The entire facility is also monitored by a CCTV system.
  • Physical – Reinforced glass and sealed chamber
  • Human - Surveillance 24x7x365
  • Electronic - Monitoring 24x7x365, CCTV, biometric palm scanner, Access Card with ID photo and burglar alarm
  • Fire extinguishers - Multi-zone suction system, analogue addressable fire system, nitrogen gas extinguishing systems not harmful to people nor to the electrical equipment.


We offer guided tours of our facilities.

Our data centers are open to visits, simply book in advance.

The DC FR1 is located just a few minutes from the center of Paris
Customer support: (+420) 38 38 35 35 3
Billing: (+420) 38 38 35 35 5
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