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Data center designed using innovative solutions to guarantee maximum reliability


FORPSI data center meets the maximum standards of reliability and management experience: the redundancy of all the systems, 24/7 surveillance and system monitoring together with the professionalism of our experts guarantee a failure-proof service.

See all the real time features monitoring our data center:
  • Access to the data center and server rooms only to authorized staff (access badge, monitoring system).
  • Signalling device of UPS units.
  • Data center supervised 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Visual and acoustic devices for non-stop monitoring of appliances and data center functionality.
  • Controlled access - camera system surveillance.
Risk prevention
  • Private transformer station and 2 transformers.
  • Private back-up power supply (diesel generator) with over 6.000 litres of fuel storage capacity.
  • Separation of electrical system and batteries in special buildings.
  • Physical separation between the Power Center and the server room.
  • Two PDU (Power Distribution Unit) for each rack cabinet.
  • Redundant connectivity for each server room.
  • Two independent groups of UPS units.
Logical Security
  • Respect of laws in force on IT and network security.
  • Management plan of IT incidents.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Escalation.
  • Incident Management.
Physical Security
  • Automatic smoke and fire detection systems.
  • Inert gas fire extinguishing system Siemens FM200.
  • Protection of employees and electric devices.


  DC CZ1 - Kti┼í DC IT1 - Arezzo DC IT2 - Arezzo
High-sensitivity smoke detection system YES YES YES
Type of fire extinguishing system Gas Gas Gas


We offer guided tours of our facilities.

Our data centers are open to visits, simply book in advance.

Access to building at various levels of security controlled by badge

Access to confidential information only to authorized staff

The server rooms are equipped with cameras and automatic smoke and fire detection systems

Separate buildings for batteries and electrical system

Burglar alarm sensors and CCTV
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Billing: (+420) 38 38 35 35 5
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