About the company


The foundations of the company were laid in 1997, when the company was established under the name P.E.S. Consulting, s.r.o. with its registered office in Prague.


At the end of 2001 the company moved to the South Bohemian village of Ktiš. The need to have technology where the technicians are, was the reason for establishing the headquarters in Ktiš.


In 2002, the joint stock company INTERNET CZ, a.s. was established with its registered office in Ktiš. Domain name registration, server hosting and providing internet connection were added to the webhosting services.


The expansion of the service portfolio caused a more than twofold increase in the number of employees in 2004 and it was necessary to find a new, larger facility. Before the end of 2004, the former accommodation and catering centre was purchased and renovated and converted into a datacenter in the following year.


The year 2005 was a turning point in the company's history. The companies associated under the FORPSI brand became the property of the Italian hosting company ARUBA S.p.A. This step secured the inflow of capital and started the modern history of the company. The investment enabled the modernization of technologies and thanks to this FORPSI is ranked among the top not only on the Czech market.


In 2006 FORPSI expanded into the Polish and Hungarian markets. Technologically, these markets are served from the data centre in Ktiš.


In 2007, the merger of P.E.S. consulting, s.r.o. and INTERNET CZ, a.s. took place. The successor organization became INTERNET CZ, a.s., which continues to provide its services under the FORPSI brand.


At the end of 2008 GENERAL REGISTRY, s.r.o. became a subsidiary.


At the turn of 2008/2009, design work was started for the expansion of the existing datacentre with an additional technology hall. A year later it was completed.


In 2010, the service portfolio was consolidated, and the company stopped offering the service of providing Internet connectivity.


The year 2011 was marked by the improvement of the quality of services provided - the company became a certified .cz domain registrar and was authorized to use the official quality logo in the registration of .eu domains by meeting the criteria of the Code of Conduct.


In 2012, a new website was deployed, which serves as a source of information about the services provided, provides the opportunity to order services and is also a gateway to customer administration.


In January 2013, the service portfolio changed significantly. The domain and hosting product line was expanded to include cloud services. In the same month we also sent our first newsletter to our customers.


In January 2014, we obtained a quality management certificate according to ISO 9001 and started working on obtaining another one according to ISO 27001 verifying data security.


In 2015, a new web hosting services offer was introduced, where in response to customer demands and market developments, the technical parameters of the services were increased and the price was drastically reduced.


In 2016, we organized the first workshop for customers where they could try our cloud services.


. In 2017, a programme for Start-ups was introduced.


In 2018, we launched the WP READY service, which provides customers with everything they need to create a website. We became a Microsoft silver partner.


The year 2019 brought the merger of the parent company INTERNET CZ with the subsidiary General Registry. The successor company was INTERNET CZ, however the General Registry brand was retained and represents domain management for the partner companies. In the same year we introduced two new services - Classic VPS and Hosting Basic.


With the change in the terms and conditions for .sk domain registration, the reasons for the existence of the subsidiary INTERNET SK ceased to exist, thus the merger with the successor parent company INTERNET CZ took place at the end of July 2020. The FORPSI.SK brand remains active for the provision of services on the Slovakian market. A new cloud-based product - Database as a Service - has been introduced. In the data centre, the air conditioning system was upgraded, cold aisles were created for more efficient cooling.


In 2021 we became a platinum partner of Dell. In the same year, a new service, F-Page, was launched to enable easy website creation.

About the brand

From the beginning, the company has been providing its services under the FORPSI trademark; the trademark was registered in 2009 and is valid in all EU member states. Web hosting and server services, domain registration and datacenter services are provided under the FORPSI brand. In 2013, the FORPSI brand was expanded to include the FORPSI Cloud sub-brand. The General Registry brand was introduced to the market in 2003. In 2008, the company and the brand was purchased by INTERNET CZ and symbolizes domain management for partner companies.

All our brands are stable and established in the market. They symbolize security, high availability of services, long experience and customer support with a human approach.

About us

The company currently serves more than 130,000 customers on the Czech market and employs around 70 people. It is the largest registrar of .cz and .eu domains and one of the most important local Internet services providers. It operates on the Czech, Slovak, Polish and Hungarian markets.



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