Direct and Free Cooling

  • Optimum temperature and humidity are maintained in the server rooms.
  • We use Emerson and Stulz air conditioning units for direct cooling.
  • Each data hall contains a set of units in redundancy N + 2.
  • The electrical switchboard room and the UPS room are cooled by a separate set of units in redundancy N + 1.
  • The datacentre has a total of 12 air conditioning units.
  • Free Cooling is a cooling system that uses cool outside air. It is installed in server room B, the electrical control room and the UPS room.
  • The Free Cooling system can be used up to an outdoor temperature of 16-18 °C.
  • All data centre air conditioning equipment is connected to back-up power circuits.

Cold aisles

  • Both data halls use a cold aisle system for more efficient cooling.
  • Cool air from the air conditioning units is fed through the double floor into cold aisles directly to the servers.
  • The heated air from the servers flows into the server room so that it does not mix with the incoming cold air.




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