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High efficiency and redundancy with the most modern of Tier 4* /Rating 4 facilities


The most recent data center, Data Center IT1 - Arezzo, located in Tuscany, can be reached easily from Rome, Milan, Florence and Bologna, and is the most modern data center. Guaranteed 100% uptime, the structure and the systems are compliant with or above the maximum international classification standards, which corresponds to Tier 4* /Rating 4. It is connected to our second data center in Arezzo through two privately owned optical fibres.

A few technical details:
  • Size: 5000 sq. m
  • Capacity: over 40.000 physical servers
  • Type of building: reinforced concrete
  • Number of floors with server rooms: 2
  • Number of IT areas: 2
  • High density: yes
  • Maximum floor load capacity (Kg/sq. m): 1000
  • Maximum height of raised floor (mm): 500
  • Height between raised floor and false ceiling (m): 3
  • Unpacking room: yes
  • Outdoor battery buildings: yes
  • Tier 4* / Rating 4: the data center has been designed and built according to the Tier 4* /Rating 4 redundancy specifications, the highest possible level
  • Uptime: the data center has 100% uptime since its opening in July 2011

Ground floor plan

01 - Storage and Core Networking
02 - Burglar alarm sensors and CCTV
03 - Server room
04 - Building for batteries and separate generators
05 - Switch and Router island
06 - Free Cooling
07 - Restricted access

In order to optimize the layout, the network cabling of the main server room has been divided into 10 "islands", each with 70 racks. The islands each have dedicated switches and routers. The structure of the data center provides maximum security as the server room is isolated in a building made of reinforced concrete. The following elements, batteries, generators and transformers, are separated from the server room and located in special buildings.

First floor plan

08 - First floor server room
09 - Control room
10 - Assembly room
11 - Room for operators and customers

Roof plan

12 - Cooling system with 72 remote condensing units of the direct expansion air conditioning system
13 - Fire extinguishing system with nitrogen gas supply made up of 118 80Kg cylinders of nitrogen with 300- bar pressure

* The term ‘Tier’ was used in the ANSI/TIA-942 Standard until the ANSI/TIA-942:March-2014 edition. In the March 2014 edition the term ‘Tier’ has been replaced by either 'Rated' or 'Rating'.


We offer guided tours of our facilities.

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