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Our facilities are designed to reduce management costs and environmental impact


We operate our data centres outside big cities, in private buildings and using facilities and systems created to reduce our carbon footprint, which allows our prices to be competitive in the current market.
  • The Free Cooling air-conditioning system for high energy efficiency with minimal cost.
  • Protection of the cooling power via flow partitioning, avoiding the mixture of cold air from the air conditioners and hot air from the servers.
Each server room is cooled by a separate group of air-conditioning units and each of these groups is configured with at least N+1 redundancy.

In the power distribution board and UPS room, we have installed "Free Cooling" air-conditioning system using colder outside air to cool servers and other heat-producing appliances inside these rooms.

All air-conditioning units in the data centre are connected to the backup power supply circuit.

In server rooms, we keep constant temperature 20 °C and 45 % relative humidity.

The Free Cooling system provides high energy savings, as such a system is able to operate up to outside temperatures of 16-18°C. The Free Cooling method is displayed on the picture down on the right.

The air conditioning system has been designed to avoid one of the typical critical situations of server rooms: the formation of hot-spots in places which are not easily reached by the air distribution system.

Therefore, the air extraction system provides air extractors in the immediate vicinity of the devices in order to avoid mixing the hot air produced by the devices and the cold air coming from outside.
This process allows for further optimization aimed at maximizing energy efficiency, so that all the cooling power is only and exclusively used to cool down the servers.





We offer guided tours of our facilities.

Our data centers are open to visits, simply book in advance.

The hot air is extracted from the building by large ventilators, electric shutters close and open the ventilators when required

Heat exchangers placed on the roof of the building reduce the noise impact

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