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Professional support, maximum flexibility and resilience for our data centers


FORPSI data center ensures high flexibility and maximum resilience for your data using the latest, most advanced technologies. Provided solutions are built on the Dell technology. FORPSI data center is powered from its own transformer station equipped with two transformers and has its own generator. Each server in the data centre is powered redundantly. The data center is connected to the Internet via two independent circuits. The cooling system is protected by UPS and is redundant too. The server rooms use the "Free Cooling" air-conditioning system using colder outside air. The data center is protected by fully automated fire-extinguishing system with extinguishing gas.

See all technologies of our data center:
  • Power supply
  • Air-conditioning
  • Redundancy
  • Service continuity


  DC CZ1 - Kti┼í DC IT1 - Arezzo DC IT2 - Arezzo
Total power supply capacity (MVA) 1 4,5 2,5
Fuel support at full capacity (hours) 20 48 20
Type of UPS Double
conversion UPS
conversion UPS
conversion UPS
Autonomy of UPS (minutes) 30 30 30
UPS redundancy N+1 2N 2N
Redundancy of generators N+1 2N N+1


  DC CZ1 - Ktis DC IT1 - Arezzo DC IT2 - Arezzo
Type of air conditioning Direct-expansion,
Free Cooling
Free Cooling
Free Cooling
Number of CCU units 11 36 25
Cooling redundancy N+2 N+2 N+2


All the key systems have been designed redundantly, down to the smallest details. Thanks to this, we minimize failures and ensure maximum availability and security of your data.

Logical diagram of the redundant conditioning unit power supply system. Air-conditioning units of the data center are connected to the backup power circuits. Each server room is cooled by a separate group of air-conditioning units. In the server room B and the power distribution board and UPS room, there is installed the "Free Cooling" air-conditioning system using the cooler air from outside.

Redundant power supply of air-conditioning

Redundancy of server power supply
The data center continuous power supply is secured - in case of power distribution network failure - by two independent power circuits. Each of these circuits includes a generator and one group of UPS units. Each rack in the Datacenter is equipped with two power distribution units (PDU) and each of these units is connected to a different power circuit. Logical diagram of the redundant server power supply system.

Redundancy of Aruba's server power supply


Continuity of the service is guaranteed thanks to:
  • Redundant power supply, air-conditioning and connectivity system
  • Private power supply - generator and transformer
  • 24/7 monitoring, technical and customer support
  • Fire-proof walls and doors


We offer guided tours of our facilities.

Our data centers are open to visits, simply book in advance.

Generators DC IT1 (fitted outside of the facility)

Conditioning unit

Power Center Panel DC CZ1


High technology servers
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