The FORPSI datacenter is connected to the Internet via two independent circuits, which are connected to different data centres in Prague for maximum redundancy. In these datacentres, the network is directly connected to several Internet eXchange Points and to major international connectivity providers. The total connectivity represents more than 80 Gbps.


  • We use Cisco ASR 9900, Cisco Nexus 7000 and Dell EMC PowerSwitch routers and switches.
  • Each data room has an independent router with its own connectivity.
  • Each Top Of Rack switch is connected to the data network via both routers.
  • The datacenter is protected against attacks with Arbor Cloud DDos Protection.

Connectivity overview

  • 100 Gbps primary line connected to CE Colo Prague
  • 100 Gbps secondary line connected to TTC Teleport Prague
  • 10 Gbps IP connectivity provided by Cogent
  • 10 Gbps IP connectivity provided by Vodafone
  • 10 Gbps IP connectivity provided by Arelion
  • 2x 25 Gbps peering center
  • 1 Gbps shared connection to and peering center
  • 1 Gbps peering center
  • 1 Gbps peering center Equinix Internet Exchange Warsaw

Connectivity test

Measure the speed of your current connection to the datacenter.


Cisco Dell WMWare Microsoft NetApp Fortinet Intel