We operate datacenters outside the big cities, in our own buildings, where we use systems for more efficient energy management. This saves the cost of running the datacentre and allows us to offer quality services at competitive prices.

Power supply from the electrical distribution network

  • The datacenter is connected by a separate section disconnector, with its own high-voltage cable.
  • It has its own substation with two SGB Dotz transformers, each with an output of 1000 kVA.
  • Total reserved power is 2.5 MW.

Emergency power sources

  • In the event of a power failure, two Atlas Copco QIS 700; 560.2 kW; 700.3 kVA diesel generators are available (ESP, i.e. Emergency Standby Power); 507.6 kW; 634.5 kVA (PRP, i.e. Prime Rated Power), each of which is capable of independently powering the data centre with sufficient power reserve.
  • Both generators are connected to an underground tank from which diesel is automatically pumped to the generator tanks.
  • The volume of stored fuel provides sufficient supply to operate the datacentre for 60 hours.
  • Continuous refuelling is contracted.

Uninterruptible power supply systems

  • The datacenter has two independent UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) groups).
  • We use double conversion UPS for maximum server protection.
  • The manufacturer is Socomec, the specific types are Masterys Green Power and Delphys Green Power.
  • UPS have sufficient capacity to safely start diesel generators.

Redundant power supply for servers

  • Power supply of the datacenter is solved by two independent power supply branches in case of power failure from the distribution network.
  • Each of these branches consists of a generator and one group of UPS.
  • Each rack in the data center has a pair of PDUs (power strip), with each PDU connected to a different power branch.
  • Each dual power supply server is redundantly connected.
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Datacenter CZ1, Ktiš

Datacentrum CZ1, Ktiš
Datacentrum CZ1, Ktiš
Datacentrum CZ1, Ktiš
Datacentrum CZ1, Ktiš
Datacentrum CZ1, Ktiš
Datacentrum CZ1, Ktiš


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